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The Narthex Windows of All Saints’ Chapel, 1957-1960

Between 1957 and 1960, the leadership of the University of the South produced four magnificent stained-glass windows for the narthex (entryway) of its new All Saints’ Chapel in celebration of the University’s first centennial.

Although the windows purport to tell the history of the University’s first century, they actually say a lot less about the University’s first century than they do about the priorities and values of the era of their creation: the 1950s.

GLAZING A HISTORY – a web production of the Roberson Project in partnership with art historian Dr. Shelley MacLaren – consists of five videos that critically examine the content and visual impact of the narthex windows.

Examining them scene by scene and in their totality, the videos situate the aesthetic and narrative choices and strategies in the historical and social context of their design and installation in the Cold War and Civil Rights Era of 1957-1960.