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There are numerous ways in which Sewanee students in the College and the School of Theology can work with the Roberson Project.

These opportunities have been especially valuable to students in the past. Ms. Klarke Stricklen, currently a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, is a good example of a student who made her mark at Sewanee through her years of work with the Roberson Project.

First of all, each summer the RP has three to five summer research internships that allow students to work closely with our team on research projects. If you are interested in applying for one of our internships, let us know by filling out this form. Summer research applications are usually due in February.

Second, the RP each year has two Work Study assistants, who are involved in the weekly duties of the Project, including research and programming. If you are interested in one of our Work Study positions, contact us at robersonproject@sewanee.edu.

Third, the RP works closely with the Bonner and Canale programs, allowing affiliated students to take on important duties in our major initiatives. If you are a Bonner or Canale scholar, contact Robin Michaels to inquire about working with the RP.

Fourth, the RP is especially motivated to enlist students in the School of Theology in our work. In recent years, Theology students have held summer research internships and helped design and contribute to innovate programming. Please contact Ms. Maia Council, the RP’s Student Outreach Coordinator, to connect with opportunities to work with us.

Last but not least, we are always interested in bringing in any and all students who have project ideas they want to pursue with the RP or are looking for volunteer opportunities. Please contact Ms. Maia Council to connect with opportunities to work with us.